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After being active in the Internet Marketing and Business Development space for over 17 years, of which 13 years with Promedia Dot Org we’ve decided to close the doors and focus on our other businesses.

We would like to thank all our customers for the trust they had in us, and for the many years of joyful and loving corporations.

We will miss each and single one of you.

With love!

Vincent Sparreboom

For real! Totally serious! Really, No Worries!

Most small and medium size businesses owners understand that having a professional website and established web presence is critical in today’s modern world – yeah, they get it – smart peeps!! But they are often overwhelmed with the possibilities of the web. They don’t know how to start. How to position themselves and how to dominate their online space. And that’s not strange; building a website that really works isn’t easy – it’s a tough nut to crack… And internet marketing, where do you start?!

Drum rolls please?! We’ll be awesome and guide and assist you in process of making your business dazzling and epic with the right people.

Stellar Webdevelopment

With over 13 years experience in Wicked Webdevelopment, and being highly successful in Kick-Ass Internet Marketing we’ll build you a website that not only looks good – the site will be AWESOME! But also outperforms the competition any day of the week – Rock On! And whether it is a corporate site, a sales page or a complex e-commerce platform, we’ll guide you through the build and together we’ll develop a platform that really works.

Remarkable Internet Marketing

Marketing is the most important factor of your business – it needs to be Badass! You can have a spectacular product – I know you have! Your services – amazing! You can be outstanding and you can be a great business partner – you’re the bomb! But if you don’t have any clients your business is virtually worth nothing – now I’m almost crying… We need to do the research and we’ll show you exactly where you’ll find the best opportunities and how to get started.

Funkadelic Digital Media

Nowadays a professional website is THE single most important asset of a business – we’re glad you get this! But… It doesn’t end with a well developed website. People will find you and follow you on Facebook and Twitter and all the other social media channels. And they all need to be in-line of your corporate identity – what, for real?! Yes for real… Whether it’s a stunning logo, Sublime business cards, social media covers, we’ll help you style your business.