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are the best business builders

Time to flex our muscles!

Haha, we don’t have muscles!! We’re geeks, artists, webdesigners and developers, programmers, we’re entrepreneurs, data processors, and writers. We don’t need to show you how ‘bad-ass’ we are by flexing our muscles. We’ll share our believes, and let our customers do the talking.

Help!! Help!! Someone please calm them down?! :)

Vincent is a good in responding to e-mails and works in a well structured manner. He is a good adviser as to what is useful. As client you don’t feel pressure, which is comfortable. Price quality is good.

Ineke van Winden

We have rockstar clients – they rock our world! Look at what they are saying about us – really really cool!


As a dynamic company we’ve clearly chosen our path – we’re so awesome. We want to be the best partner for our clients possible – YES for you!!! We want small and medium business to say; I don’t know how we’ve cooped all this time without you – they’re already saying it, so cool! We are webdevelopers, internet marketers, designers, strategic marketing planners, hosting and email providers, technical helpdesk – we are business developers! And you can ask our customers; we are the best in the biz!

Vincent (the dude who founded Promedia) started building websites and writing blogs almost 15 years ago in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. Promedia Dot Org was founded late 2006, and with hard work, a lot of passion, and dreaming big we’ve became very successful.

We’ve build our business(es) on 3 pillars – pillars is fancy pancy talk for ‘with 3 things in mind’.

1. Clients are always served by our core values.

We must provide Excellent Customer Service: with clients around the globe the only way to serve them is if we provide excellent 24/7 customer service, and it’s very unusual if we don’t reply on emails within the hour.

Make use of Today’s Technology: up until recently we had staff in six different countries and time zones, and we couldn’t have build a stable company as it is now without the use of today’s modern tools. We are very proud to be full cloud based company and everything that we do is securely managed, prepared and saved online. Yes we are very proud to be geeks!!! Rock on!!

Flexibility is a Priority: we will always help our clients out with urgent projects – there is no such thing as ‘sorry, we can’t….’ And sometimes phone, email or conference video calling just isn’t enough, if you need us tomorrow in Russia, the UK or Canada, we’ll do anything possible to be there for you.

We live by Integrity, Privacy and Security: the online world can be vague, especially when you’re working with a company on the other side of the world. All our online systems are covered with a High Grade AES-256 256bit encrypted connection, and offline with non-disclosure agreements but even more important. We will never take on any of your direct competitors as a client just to avoid the thought of conflict of interest.

2. Promedia’ Core Business Principle

Be the customers go-to-partner for everything digital.

For example; a possible client is overwhelmed with the possibilities of the web. He finds it challenging to start with the build of a website while understands that their business can’t function properly without a professional website. With interviews and guidelines we’ll guide our customer step-for-step trough the build – we’re so cool!

When a client isn’t getting enough search engine traffic (read: sales), we’ll look at the competition, we’ll do the research and come up with a campaign. You can call it cruel, aggressive, but with years of highly successful internet marketing we’ll make it look like you own the search engines, and it’s your competition that is now missing out.


We don’t want to be the biggest in biz, We don’t want to be the highest earnest. We don’t want to be bought by a ‘giant’ – we want to be the best digital media provider in the biz!

In Promedia Dot Org’s history we’ve NEVER spend a single cent on advertising. All our Internet Marketing and Webdevelopment work comes from word-to-mouth, and why is that? Because we are the best possible partner for all your digital media needs.

If you have any questions; please feel free to contact us any time, and we’ll get back to you within the hour.

To your online success,

The Support Rockstars

PS. don’t want to deal with rockstars? Contact the chief directly – hahaha, he really thinks he runs the show ;) He is always on Facebook and his email address is He’s on Twitter and LinkedIn quite a bit less, and you can find out more about him on his personal site Vincent