You do what you’re good at!
And we’ll take care of the rest.

Let the geeks take over!

When your business is well organised, well maintained and secury it will give you the peace and drive to take your business and profession to the next level. Let us ‘worry’ about your digital stuff.

HELP! We can’t keep them quiet, they’re out of control!

Vincent is FANTASTIC! I was amazed how easy the consultation for my website went. He did not need much explanation, and surprisingly he created a wonderful website. Vincent understood very well what I wanted to do with my website, and which direction I wanted to go. I had been worrying for years, and just couldn’t find the right developer. I already spent a lot of money on it and received many promises but only few were delivered. Vincent does what he says and is very clear in relaying what he is doing: this is what I do, this is the cost and this is when I deliver. And he really does it! I got a lot more than what I expected in both the product and services with this pleasant cooperation. What is also great is that Promedia has it all, from building websites, design, understanding of marketing, etc. That’s crazy, I thought you must need different people for each service but with Promedia you contact them and it gets done! I am totally happy and after every conversation with him I’m so motivated and inspired to go back to work. Thank you Vincent, let’s continue this for a long time…

Fiona Brouwer

We really have rockstar clients! And by the looks of it they think we are pretty special too. Check out more testimonials here.

we’ll take away all your digital worries.

Now a day’s most, if not all your business happens online. Your website is no longer a simple business card, it’s your business! Your business is like a car; your business needs maintenance to keep it running smoothly and secure. But you shouldn’t have to start learning php or HTML, you don’t have to know how to perform server maintenance, how to create backups and securely store them in the case something might happen. You don’t need to figure out how to publish articles nicely so they have a proper layout so readers and search engines can read them well. You don’t need to worry about your content being well sharable throughout al social media channels with the right text and images.

You need to focus on your work – this is where you are good at! We will take care of your (online) business.

Our service packages come in different shapes and sizes – IT’S TIME TO FOCUS ON YOUR BUSINESS!


Scheduled backups and storage

More and more you hear about hackers taking over websites and servers. Often they’re not even interested in your website, but when they take over the server, they’ll use the server together with a network of other hacked servers to perform large scale attacks on bigger sites like Master Card, Visa and PayPal.

With this package we’ll automatically and periodically backup your server and database, and transfer it to one of the most secure places on earth – the Google Drives. We now offer our customers unlimited storage so that we have enough backups stored to quickly and properly rebuild the whole site in case something would have happened. The cost for the rebuild are not included in this package, but since we already have the backups, and know how your site is build we can have the latest healthy version of your site back up in a matter of hours.

The costs for this package is monthly € 40 or annually € 400.


The WordPress security package

This is the first real package we’re we’ll show you our muscles. We’ll install a powerful set of 8 Premium WordPress plugins valued at € 167, and with this set we secure your login, your website files, and your content management system, and we’ll do all of this by check referencing a +50 point list with WordPress vulnerabilities. We’ll keep your theme files up-to-date, your plugins, including all premium plugins that weren’t installed via the official WordPress Plugin directory, and we’ll monitor all malicious site visitors, and actions on your site. As soon as there is something unusual happening on your site we’ll get an email and we’ll check your site. Included in this package are the scheduled backups and storage mentioned above only now in case you site does get hacked we’ll rebuild your whole site in 3 hours regarding of what time and day it is.

The costs for this package is monthly € 55 or annually € 550.


A full maintenance and website service package

Now it’s time for the real magic! With this package you don’t have to worry about anything online. You’ll get the security package and the backups as mentioned above only now we’ll also publish or change your pages, and your blogposts. We’ll make sure you have a secure, well maintained online platform so you can focus on your own work and customers, and when for example you want to publish a blogpost you simply send it to us and we’ll immediately publish or schedule it for you.

Here’s a quick summery of what you can expect from us with this package

  • We’ll make sure your site is fully secure;
  • that WordPress, the plugins and theme files are always up-to-date;
  • we’ll make and store the backups securely in case something would happen with your site, and in case something does happens your site will be up within 3 to 4 hours;
  • we’ll do the server maintenance;
  • manage your email addresses.


On-site work would be;

  • The publishing and scheduling of blogposts;
  • adding, changing and removing pages in a professional way, so you won’t hurt your Search Engine rankings;
  • adding, changing and removing images;
  • changing the menu structure;
  • comment management – you will no longer receive any comment spam in your mailbox!

The costs for this package is monthly € 87 or annually € 870.


Full maintenance package but now with newsletter support

If you’re not using a newsletter you are missing out on leads, customers and a lot of money. However, managing a newsletter can be quite a challenging task.

With this package we’ll do all the maintenance to your website, and we’ll setup, create and send out your newsletter.

The costs for this package is monthly € 147 or annually € 1,470.


Membership magic!

This option can include 2 websites since it’s wise to have a separate money (business) site and a membership site. We’ll do the backups, the maintenance, updating, and everything else mentioned above for both sites only now we’ll make sure you membership sites is running smoothly too. We will add the new product pages, and create corresponding membership levels and we’ll make sure that everything is linked correctly with your newsletter provider too.

The costs for this package is monthly € 237 or annually € 2,370.


No, we haven’t gone mad!!!

Thanks for asking but no, we’re fine, this guarantee is for real! Because of our low overhead and operating costs – and we’ve been doing website and membership maintenance for over 10 years we have a challenge for you. Find one of our competitors – we really don’t have any competitors… But find one of our colleagues, and if they can provide the same service, at a better rate we’ll give you the package for whopping € 1 a month!!


Important additional info!

If we build your platforms we can accept you as a service client immediately. But when you are not an existing customer we first want to inspect your websites and newsletter setup before we commit. Our existing customers already know that we stand for quick responses, and quality work, and we want to offer this level of service to our new clients too, and we cannot commit to this when the system is build by someone else.

If you want to know more about what we can do for you so you can focus on your work please contact us below or via the contact page.