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We are strong believers… In awesomeness!!! No way?!

Yes way!

We believe in hard work, excellent customer service, badass services, creating inspiring products, more than reasonable prices, over delivering – you know, awesome stuff like that!! You can be awesome too (!!!), contact us here to get started.


We had build the website specialhomes.nl with Promedia! Absolutely fantastic, great service and a great price. We are really really happy with them!

We don’t have an IT background and had to ask him for help quite a lot, but he is always more than willing to help out. Such a pleasure!

We have lots of gratitude, and we recommend him highly to start working with them!!


We have an awesome bunch of clients! Look at what they are saying about us – do they rock or do they rock?!


Want to be successful online? Listen up dude – or dudette! Building a great looking website isn’t enough to be successful online. The site needs to be functional for your needs whether the goal of your site is to act as a lead generator, a bad ass multilingual WPML marketing platform, an eshop or a simple online business card. A proper website is functional and effective without any crazy fluff that can distract your visitors.

As webdevelopers with an internet marketing background we build and develop your website with conversions in mind – the site needs work for you, the site needs to make you money – Yeah, repeat after me; SHOW ME THE MONEY! Again; SHOW ME THE MONEY! It needs to be clear for the customer what the company is about, and we need to make sure the visitor is more than just a site visitor. The visitor needs to buy your product, subscribe to your newsletter of Facebook page, they need to send you an email or give you a call. Now stop wasting time (and money) and ask us about the functionality we can build into your site and business.


You have a great looking professional website that is performing really well with social media and with the search engines – you are a ROCKSTAR! You begin to get a group of followers on Facebook, your newsletters is getting more and more popular, and you decide to offer digital training programs, to create a membership site to start earning recurring income – good thinking, that’s why you’re a rockstar! You can provide courses, ebooks and videos. You can deliver scheduled information to your followers. And best of all; it’s all automated so you have your business and income stream running on autopilot. Do you want to hear more about the possibilities of a membership site and online education system contact us below or via the contact page.


Marketing is the most important factor of your business. You can have a spectacular product, your services can be outstanding and you can be a great business partner – you are AWESOME!!! But if you don’t have any clients your business is virtually worth nothing – so sad… We will help you with the positioning of your business, and advice you how to get started with search engine marketing, Facebook and other social media channels, paid advertising, etc.


It’s the content on your site that will make you the money. Now listen up! This doesn’t mean you should be a slimy douchebag, rude, or simply obnoxious to get their attention. Monkey’s throw shit around and scream to get attention from the ladies – don’t know what they see in it, probably a monkey thing… And since you’re not a monkey, but a professional you need to think closely about your audience, and write the webcopy in the tone they talk. With years experience writing, doing research and testing we know what works, and we can help you find the right tone for your audience.


When we work with start ups (or businesses that need a overhaul) we often develop a total new corporate identity for them – we’ll make you awesome!!! This starts with a fresh new modern logo. We use this logo to model the website, for the overall design of the business cards, and we incorporate it on their social media covers, flyers, posters, etc. But if the customer already has a logo; we simply love making single business cards too – it’s all part of being an all-round digital media provider!


We know; this whole internet thingy can be overwhelming! You are rockstar and the best in the biz, and so are we! When you have us build you a website please don’t worry about hosting, email and other shenanigans, and such. We’ve set up hosting and email a million times – maybe a bit less… But it’s our pleasure to set everything up for you. We’ll use your contact details, and we’ll have the webhost invoice you directly. Everything will be under your name – it’s your site, your hosting, your business!


Peachy? Peachy! What the hell are you talking about?! Whether you are self employed professional or are a small or medium size business owner – your business in happening online! You need an online environment that you can count on. Sync your business information and emails with all your devices, back up everything automatically, and get the best digital protection possible. If you loose your phone; enter your Google logins into your new phone and within 2 minutes all your contacts, emails, documents, and business information is back where it belongs. Safely with you! Peachy… Idiot…

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