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Vincent was recommend to us by our business coach, and it soon became clear why she recommended him. Very enthusiastic he started with the creative process of the build, but because we’re a start-up we had to finetune our website regularly: the colours, the content, the lay-out. Vincent processed these changes very quickly with a lot thought and flexibility. He knew how to translate our wishes into a website that we’re incredibly proud of. A website is of course a living document, and we will always go to him for the changes. It is a comfort to know that we have Vincent to take care of our website.

Maureen Vogel en Tammy Maduro

I was in search of someone who would be able to build websites for two of my customers and I found Vincent. I found the build process more than pleasurable for multiple reasons. First of all, he is a professional and with his internet marketing knowledge he is able to build a site that not only looks great but also functions and converts really well. He has a eye for detail and doesn’t compromise in quality. He is direct and straight forward in his communication, what feels great for me, and he does what he says. The build felt like a partnership; there is plenty of space for my ideas and suggestions and despite his tremendous knowledge and experience he is open for suggestions of a newbie. I’ve build websites before and coming together, setting dates and lot’s of commuting costs enormous amounts of time. With Promedia everything goes via Skype and this works really well and effective. I’m so satisfied with the communication that I’ve implemented it in my own business. I have 2 beautiful and highly professional and effective websites that I can show my customers for a great price. In short, I can highly recommend this warm and genuine straight up Rotterdam guy :-)

Veronique Prins

We had build the website with Promedia! Absolutely fantastic, great service and a great price. We are really really happy with them!

We don’t have an IT background and had to ask him for help quite a lot, but he is always more than willing to help out. Such a pleasure!

We have lots of gratitude, and we recommend him highly to start working with them!!


Vincent is FANTASTIC! I was amazed how easy the consultation for my website went. He did not need much explanation, and surprisingly he created a wonderful website. Vincent understood very well what I wanted to do with my website, and which direction I wanted to go. I had been worrying for years, and just couldn’t find the right developer. I already spent a lot of money on it and received many promises but only few were delivered. Vincent does what he says and is very clear in relaying what he is doing: this is what I do, this is the cost and this is when I deliver. And he really does it! I got a lot more than what I expected in both the product and services with this pleasant cooperation. What is also great is that Promedia has it all, from building websites, design, understanding of marketing, etc. That’s crazy, I thought you must need different people for each service but with Promedia you contact them and it gets done! I am totally happy and after every conversation with him I’m so motivated and inspired to go back to work. Thank you Vincent, let’s continue this for a long time…

Fiona Brouwer

My website is developed by Vincent.

I ‘only’ had a logo and text and Vincent integrated the look and feel beautifully into my new website.

He has a lot of knowledge about websites and online marketing, he is very quick in responding to emails and he knows how to vividly explain with all of his expertise to me as a newbie. He helps to develop and searches for solutions.

And he also created my business cards and social media covers beautifully.

Arlette van Scheppingen

I was in search of someone who would see this assignment as his own project, someone who really does his upmost best. Fortunately I found Vincent. Not only his work is outstanding but his service, price, customer service, and is he really patiently. In short; Vincent really is the best in the biz.


Vincent rocks!

He thinks along with the build and process and can explain everything very well. He comes with his own ideas and responds quickly to emails. My website is super nice. Vincent is and stays my go-to-guy for everything websites. Great, and most certainly a recommendation worth!


Vincent was recommended to me by my wife, who also has her own company. Actually, I didn’t need that recommendation because I was there from the beginning with the construction of her website. The end result was amazing! So when my site was due for renewal, for me it was clear who would take it upon themselves. Vincent works incredibly fast, understands exactly what I want and comes up with tips and ideas that make sense. He understands the industry that I am in and considers what I and my clients want. Thanks Vincent!

Robert-Jan Broersma

On recommendation of my business coach I called upon Vincent for my website and it was quite exciting, a first introduction via Skype where we both shared something about our lives, and where Vincent explained the whole procedure of the build. After that everything went very smooth via mail. With his logic approach and vivid explanation he comforted me and took me through the whole process of the build. He was able to sense really well which kind of feel I wanted to go for with my new site. He has an infinitive amount of patience to fulfill all my wishes and nothing is too much for him. Vincent also explained pleasantly and reasonable when something wasn’t possible, or wouldn’t work for conversions or usability when I thought of something in me being over enthusiastic and creative. Additionally I have great trust in Vincent his internet and marketing experience. It has became a great site for which I received lots of positive responses already!! And it’s good to know that I can always contact him for site changes or questions.

In short; great guy!

Gisela Valk-Deelen


Vincent is a great professional and thanks to him I have a beautiful website. He is creative and is always there for me when I need him. Nothing is more annoying when your site is not available when you have your own company. Vincent understands this and does everything possible to find a solution – what he always succeed in!!

Vincent, I’m really happy with you!

Roos van Bekkum

Vincent is building my website in WordPress. He already looks really professional and I can also measure and follow the effectiveness. The price is really nice for what kind of website and service you get. Vincent also comes with good ideas and you can clearly notice that he has a lot of experience. The build is going fast and prosperous and he is very patiently when I need some extra time to supply the content.

Rachel de Cock

Vincent build my website WoutersWerkt. I receive lots of compliments about my website and thus I can highly recommend him; he thinks with you during the build about what works and what not, moves elements from left to right, and back again when I asked him that and does so without any problems when that turned out to be better.
A pleasantly, fast way of working! And even now, if something is not working or needs to be changed: one email to Vincent and it will be arranged.

Nicole Wouters

When it comes to creating a new website, I can recommend Promedia to everyone. Vincent thinks along with you at all levels in terms of planning, design, and marketing. I think so highly of him. He comes with good ideas and advice and knows what a website should do for you. He is also very involved and is always there whenever you need his help. Even if the website is done and ready, he continued to contact me to make sure that the website is up to date. I think Promedia is substantively strong, creative in making designs and in terms of personal contact so easy to reach and very much involved. I am super happy with my website and also get a lot of compliments and new customers as well.

Judith Verschuren

Great website, great service, and a great price!

I’m really happy and satisfied with finding Promedia. I could always contact them for questions and comments and also for new ideas he was always open to suggestions.

I can highly recommend Promedia


Website of a holiday home in Dahab Egypt.

We met Vincent in Dahab Egypt as a reliable and compassionate person. During that time we made the appointment to have our old website rebuild. He has done this perfectly. Nothing was too much. When we wanted additional photos published or perhaps some different texts, everything was possible. Now 6 months further we are still in touch and does he helps us when we want to ask something, add something to the site or we when we need to change something. In short; reliable, professional, and efficient. I highly recommend Promedia Dot Org.

John Jansen

As a start-up company we were looking for a web developer who could build us a website, a website that could compete with some of the already established business websites. The website needed to have a certain look and feel and Promedia did that very well. They know what they’re doing, they are serious about webdevelopment, are transparent and open and very reliable.

We are in business now for over half a year and received a lot of positive feedback on our site in regards to design, layout and content. During the build, Promedia catered well to our needs and wishes within the budget proposed before the start of the project. Promedia is also very transparent and I find that essential in a partnership.

Our site is easy to maintain and we maintain it pretty much ourselves. Whenever I have questions or when I want to change something on the site, I can always contact them (within reason of course) and will I get quick answer or a good proposal (sometimes even with a video).

We chose Vincent and Promedia from a huge base of webdevelopers mainly because of the click between us. It was for sure the right choice!

Tim Rietbergen

The service of Promedia is of a very high level. Everytime people are thinking with me with challenges. Vincent is very understanding and patiently and knows time and time to create what I as a customer have in mind. The price is more than worth it and I can recommend Promedia and their skills highly. I wish Promedia all the best in the future and would like to thank Vincent again for his fast and excellent service!

Kind regards, Dick

Dick van Bokkem

Vincent is a good in responding to e-mails and works in a well structured manner. He is a good adviser as to what is useful. As client you don’t feel pressure, which is comfortable. Price quality is good.

Ineke van Winden

My website went live about 4 weeks ago, and still a short mail is enough to get something changed. But let’s get back to the start. My business coach tipped me about Vincent’ qualities when it comes to building professional websites with:
-A professional look and feel, and approach
-Good online visibility

And I want to add to that that Vincent is able to feel how the looks will going to be without me being able to
actually name and pin point all the needed elements and options.

After we had a long and detailed Skype introduction meeting I received step by step information via email with the questions for all my wishes and desires.

He works very structured while staying close to my wishes.

My overall experience, i can highly recommend him to anyone!

Feel free to watch and see what I mean :-)


Joan Meints

This man delivers on his promises (and more!) What a relief to have found him after a couple of webdeveloper and SEO specialist with whom I had some really negative experiences!

I can highly recommend this man! The website is done – more beautiful than expected, and we have high expectations because if his knowledge in high search engine rankings.


I already had a website that I got with a lot of irritations and frustrations of my previous webdeveloper. When I want to start on a upgrade of the site, I really didn’t want to work with him again. Luckily via via I ended up with Vincent and up till today I’m very very happy about that. What a relief, someone who understands what you mean, who does what you want, who thinks along, someone who responds quickly when you have a question, and doesn’t cause any problems when you have a request. In short; Vincent knows what he’s doing en is very customer friendly. Highly recommended!

Margreet Alting

Since about 2 years Promedia Dot Org is taking care of my website. My experience is positive all the way. They’ll look for solutions when I need something, questions are being picked up quickly, and I’m really relieved to know that my website is well taken care of. I’m very happy and I now trusted Vincent with the maintenance of my website for the 3th year in a row.

Petra Sarkol

I was setting up a new business and Vincent had sent me an example of his work of which I was very impressed, I then asked him to build a website for me. Not only did he complete it within a very short period of time, but he did an amazing job! It’s interactive, user friendly and easy to navigate. He was patient with me during all of my changes and responded very quickly to my requests. I couldn’t recommend Vincent more, I love my website and I’ve had so many compliments about it and about how professional it looks. Thanks Vincent!!

Eva Grabner

As a start-up I was looking for someone to build me a website. Trough a friend I ended up with Vincent and he build me a wonderful website. By telling him what I had in mind and what I wanted with the site he made with his expertise the necessary changes and additions and I’m really happy and pleased with the end result.
Promedia has lived up to all my expectations and also for a very good and reasonable price. I can highly recommend him!

I wish you all the best with your future endeavors!

Jolanda van den Berg

After the 1st year that we organized Navigate North (a competitive winter car tour of 7000 km which will be held in seven days and with participating teams for charity) we as an organization, wanted to have a new professional website. This website needed to function well on all mobile devices and needed to have all modern day functionalities as well as be visually appealing. We also needed a closed area with passwords exclusively for the participating teams . Trough referral we ended up with Vincent Sparreboom, and he really put Navigate North on the map by developing a beautiful website with stunning visualizations, quick site navigation and ease of site use which makes it easy for site visitors to find what their looking for. Vincent understands the art of listening and how to translate customer needs into workable and beautiful web design which he always guards with the marketing technical aspects of the website. A customer doesn’t always know how he want it, but he understands this and he realizes patience is key in this! In addition, he reacts quickly and effectively and he knows how to distinguish priorities. In short, if you want guaranteed success you must have your website development by ProMedia. We are very happy with our website, and for us it is: Vincent Forever!

Ko Prins

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